Italians tods shoes
23 Dec

Italians tods shoes

"lt is rightly said that a charming and attractive dressing sense always adds up to your personality". Your first impression depends on your clothing only. The way you talk and how you carry yourself always matter. And your footwear and shoes are also a part of your dressing and clothing and play a equal role in your dressing sense and you simply can't neglect it. So the footwear and the shoes which you wear should be of a good quality and a brand. Tods shoes is an Italian company which produces your luxury shoes and other leather goods. It is one of the top most brands all across the globe and has earned its fame and reputation for its fine and best quality leathers which it uses and each and every tods products are created with a unique process.

Furthermore the various types of shoes it sells are boots, sneakers, heels ,flats , pumps, boat shoes, sandals, flip flops ,loafers and slip ons. The company manufactures and sells shoes of wide range and collection both for men and women. The tods store is spread across different countries, around 30 countries has opened tods store, including large flagship stores in Europe, US, china , Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia. The store was founded in 1920 and the founder of the company is Dorino della valle.

The headquarters of the company is in Italy and the revenue of the company is $804.5 millions per annum.

The company is reputed because of its fairness, honesty, rich variety it offers, the patience with which it deals with its customers, and its cheap and affordable prices. The prices of shoes range from Rs 500 to Rs 1000, making it very easy for customers to purchase it. Moreover for the convinience of the customers , the tods store provides free shipping options also available and provides the online delivery options to all its customers. The customer service of the store is very nice and it provides the best possible service to its customer and does its best to them so that they feel welcome, respected and comfortable enough. The focus is to always maintain a strong and a long lasting relationships. So, on a concluding note it can be said that tods group of shoes is a reputed brand offering rich variety of shoes. So go to the nearest store and buy a pair of tods shoes which gonna make your personality more attractive and seductive!!